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08/26/2017 - Planet Cheer performs at the Dallas Cowboys NFL Half Time Show!

As the DCC National Champions for 2017, Planet Cheer along with 5 other gyms were asked to perform at the Dallas Cowboys NFL Game.  We were selected out of approximately 400 gyms and our athletes performed amazing!  Click the link below to see the performance!  So PROUD!

Planet Cheer Cowboys NFL Halftime Performance

10/03/2017 - HOSS is Back! Making it happen! Let's win another Innovative Choreo Award with his work this year!

04/09/2018 - All Planet Cheer All Star Teams win bids to the D2 Summit or the US Finals

Congratulations to Team Shooting Starz, Odyssey and Blacklight for your US Finals bids on May 12th!

Congratulations to Team Eclipse and Team Lady Luna for your D2 Summit bids on May 11th - 13th in Orlando!

The staff and parents of all these teams could not be prouder of all the teams!

08/26/2018 - Planet Cheer Performs AGAIN at the Dallas Cowboys Half Time Show!

Winning as reigning champs for 2 years in a row is amazing - but getting to perform again at a Dallas Cowboys Half Time show... well that is Spectacular!

So very proud of all of our Athletes!

Day One - Full Dress Rehearsal

Day Two - It's ON!

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