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Angela Guill


Coach Angie has worked at Planet Cheer since 2011 coaching Planet Cheer’s All-star Prep teams.  Angie also served as a volunteer Coach for the Forney Youth Football League for 5 years from 2010-2015.  In 2016, Angie and her husband Bill purchased the majority shares in Planet Cheer, Inc. and she serves as President and CEO.

Coach Angie has a passion for children and is focused on nurturing them in the development of skills both ON the Mat and OFF.  So much so that “Building Skills ON and OFF the Mat” has become the mantra and vision statement of Planet Cheer, Inc.  

Angie holds multiple Cheer Coaching Certifications from AACCA and the National Federation of High School (NFHS) as an Accredited Interscholastic coach.  As a registered USASF coach, she also maintains her American Red Cross Sport’s safety and CPR credentials.

By day, Angie has a long standing career as an Executive for Turner Construction Company,  She holds a Degree in Business Sciences as well as a Masters in Project Management and she also is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). 

She is a long term resident of Forney, Texas and loves this community!  She lives with her husband Bill and her twin daughters; Audrey and Bailey. Angie is honored to also provide a home for her father Jerry when he is in Texas.

William Guill


"Mr. Bill"" as all the athletes call him, has supported his wife Angie in her passion for children throughout their 26 year marriage.  Bill works tirelessly running Planet Cheer and making sure all maintenance and the operations of the company function at peak performance.    

Bill is a member of the Planet Cheer Inc. Board of Directors and services as the Corporate Vice President. 

By day, Bill has a long standing career as an Executive for PMRG and now CBRE in the field of property and facilities management and plans to retire in the next few years.

Bill is a long term resident of Forney, Texas and loves his family and all the athletes in the gym home he is working to build with his wife.

Poy Brown


Coach Poy had previously worked at Planet Cheer for years prior to 2013.  The first call Angie made upon taking the helm of Planet Cheer was to get Poy back to his gym home.  Poy is a professional dancer, choreographer, "fashionista", and has coached and performed in competitive all star cheer leading for 20+ years.  Yes, he still competes today for Planet Cheer's World's Level 5 team and maintains his long participation on Team Savage Cats.  

Coach Poy has a genuine love of developing young athletes - his passion is to teach and watch his athletes' skills reach their full potential.  He is known for the generosity of his time; he won't quit on pushing his athletes to attain all that they can be!  As apart of that he embraces the many roles he plays in the young lives he touches; he is their mentor, example of leadership, sometimes a drill sergeant, sometimes an ear to listen, often a safe haven and big brother, and best of all  HE IS COACH!

Poy holds multiple Cheer Coaching Certifications as a registered USASF coach, and maintains his American Red Cross Sport’s safety and CPR credentials.  Poy is a member of the Planet Cheer, Inc. Board of Directors and serves as the Corporate All Star Program Director.

Poy is a graduate of UNT where he first found his passion for competitive cheerleading.  He lives in Dallas with his little dog and friend "Pockets". 


Danny Torres


Danny is part of the Planet Cheer management team and joyously fills the role of Class Director.  Danny's responsibilities include the quality of all classes delivered and he coaches the upper level classes himself. Danny's class program, includes tumbling level 1-5, stunts, jumps, conditioning... YOU NAME IT!

Coach Danny started his cheerleading experience in High School in 1992. He continued this passion through College at Northlake College, as well as University of Texas at Arlington. Danny has been coaching cheer since 1996, and is continuing to grow! Not only does he have a background in cheerleading, but he carries the love of coaching and training Power Tumbling. He has had the opportunity to coach at several different gyms, such as East Texas Twisters and Woodlands Elite, gaining more knowledge and experience all the time. 

Danny has Level 5 world credentials as well. On top of all of this cheer, Coach Danny is in pursuit of another passion of his, cars!  He owns a paint and body shop located in Dallas as well. Through all of these accomplishments Danny met his loving wife, Amanda, and had two beautiful daughters, Ashlen and Anissa.

Everyone who meets Coach Danny is lucky to be in his presence, because he gives off such an amazing, energetic vibe. The Planet Cheer family is beyond blessed to have him as a member of our staff!

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